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Incorporatewear 20th Anniversary Party!

We recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary by having a company party!
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Employee Development

In-house promotion is very important to us as we believe that it gives employees a chance to grow within the business. We also support training where possible to help employees learn and develop new and existing skills so they can complete tasks at a higher level. Promotion Incorporatewear is also a big supporter of promoting…

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20th Anniversary – Part Four

Here are the final five thoughts from our employees It would have to be the openness and commitment to continuously improve as a business. Having approachable team members that you can share and exchange ideas with I believe is integral part of the success of the business. Additionally, from a personal perspective the company investing…

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20th Anniversary – Part Three

Here are five employees’ thoughts It’s the fact that ICW lets you spread your wings and sky’s the limit! Every day is challenging and different allowing you to utilise all your skills and develop along the way. Working with a team that supports each other and having a new goal to work towards all the…

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20th Anniversary – Part Two

Here are five employees’ thoughts It’s the challenge, the good relationships with colleagues and suppliers that makes ICW a great place to work. People who work with and for you, challenge and motivate you in every aspect. The culture of the business is very team and customer focused. I personally feel empowered by how we…

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20th Anniversary – Part 1

Here are our first five employees’ thoughts It’s a great place to gain a full knowledge of the whole process involved in manufacturing garments, from design to delivery. ICW allows you to grow your knowledge and understanding to better yourself and the department you work within. Liz, Design Manager ICW has a great team of…

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