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Sustainability was a key driver in Subway’s choice to have Incorporatewear deliver their new range.

IPC EMEA is an independent non-profit making organisation owned by Subway Franchisees in Europe. They manage the purchasing and supply chain of Subway approved food, packaging and equipment across EMEA.

Subway is committed to reducing the use of single use plastic in restaurants and has already reduced its use by 1.2m kg at the end of 2022.

So when tasked with sourcing a new uniform range, we needed to ensure that old uniform was disposed of responsibly, the new uniform was made from recycled and sustainable materials and that we worked with the right socially responsible supplier.

Eat Fresh. Look Fresh.

Form meets functions in a range designed to breathe new life into Subway’s uniforms.

We designed and supplied T-shirts, Polo shirts, caps, bandanas, and aprons for Subway’s new range. The new range is made using a recycled polyester yarn composed of recycled 500ml plastic bottles. T-shirts are composed of 65% recycled polyester and 35% BCI cotton whilst Polo shirts are composed of 40% recycled polyester and 60% BCI cotton. Caps, bandanas and aprons are made from 100% recycled polyester.

The new range has also been designed to be washed at lower temperatures and air dried to further reduce the at-home environmental impact. The quality of the uniform is equal to that of non-recycled polyester garments and so we expect no reduction in the lifecycle of the new range.

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The Numbers

The Numbers

3.7m Plastic bottles used in initial production run
550k Garments produced for all Subway stores
100% Recyclable, BHT-free plastic bags

Style. Substance. Substainability.

From packaging to recycling processes, sustainability was key.

As over 3.7m plastic bottles were required for the initial production run of uniform it was important that the post-consumer waste used in production and the process of recycling the materials was handled by fabric mills that had GRS (Global Recycling Standards) certification. Further, all dye ingredients and processes were vetted and certified by OEKO-TEX. Finally, the new uniforms are packaged in 100% recyclable, BHT-free plastic bags.

Subway are so proud of the sustainable credentials that the eye catching design in Subway brand colours green and yellow also features images of a bottle illustrating the number of plastic bottles recycled to make the particular garment.

In excess of 550K garments were produced for the roll out to all Subway franchises across UK and Europe.

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