Ed Grigg

General Manager


Ed Grigg aka ‘Top Cat’… animations most memorable alley cat in a waistcoat.

If you are looking to win over Ed you can’t go wrong with a cup of earl grey and a slice of toast, failing that, ply him with coffee.

An active member of his local hockey team he was inspired to coach, nothing to do with his age at all however he does claim to have been in the industry for nearly 30 years yet we only celebrated his 30th birthday 5 years ago.

If things didn’t add up before, Ed brought his first mobile phone at the age of 27 with terrible call coverage but there was an excellent game.. something called Snake?!

Ed can be found on a Friday night rein acting the moves from the Talking heads video Once in a life time with his favourite red wine tipple.


Sharon Archer

Head of Key Accounts


Like a true Pisces, Sharon is musical to the core with her love for musical theatre and a Disney enthusiast. If you find Sharon low on energy or bogged down in meetings you can either give her a packet of crisps or play George Michael on full blast to bring her back to her enthusiastic self.

Sharon has been in the industry for 20 (something) years of which she has spent over 7 with ICW.

Sharon leaves ‘no man behind’ when it comes to leading her team, unfortunately she does leave a trail of over 6 empty tea cups.

Please be aware: Sharon has an impeccable memory when it comes to remembering registration plates so never park too close. Also great office fun when we play the Mastermind specialist subject round solely on car registrations (quiz master: John Toombs).

Joe Barton

Head of Supply Chain Management


The Michelangelo of Incorporatewear, not the famous painter or poet, the ninja turtle. Closely related to the ninja turtle in their love for pizza, jokester nature and adventurous ways. Joe can be found practising martial arts, playing football and recovering from triathlons.

16 years in the industry is not for the faint hearted, Joe finds down time relaxing in front of the television indulging in burgers and watching UFC (mixed martial arts).


A progressive, strategically minded and commercially driven senior procurement and supply chain professional focused on achieving results. A fully qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

Extensive experience in procurement, purchasing, supply chain management and logistics operations, proven ability at senior management level and over 10 years’ experience in leading and developing high performing teams.

Joe is straight to the point, much like his favourite song by Blur- Song 2, only 2 minutes and 2 seconds long.

John Tombs

Head of Warehouse and Logistics


A logistical force not to be reckoned with, he runs on the finest Columbian coffee throughout the day and often to the beat of Piano House music. His childhood hero Wyle E Coyote has coached him through his extensive career describing himself as ‘tenacious, inventive and not giving up even when he should…’

John is a Libra and believes in balance, this is why he can’t wait for his son to become a professional football player so he can be compensated for every weekend come rain or shine he has spent on the side line supporting him. However we cannot offer too much sympathy, John also plans on using his expert quizzing knowledge to enter a TV show to fly off to a 5* resort!

If John was shipped off to a desert island he would take his luxury item of… eggs, as he cannot live without them and possibly a Birmingham City Football scarf if it’s not too hot.

John has a new hobby though (calling it hobby might be a stretch though….) and that it is called ‘Oculus Quest 2’…. VR headset and a superb piece of technology…. It’s the future; in here John can literally be on the beach….. see us all one day wearing VR & having a meet on the beach….