20th Anniversary - Part 1

Here are our first five employees’ thoughts

It’s a great place to gain a full knowledge of the whole process involved in manufacturing garments, from design to delivery. ICW allows you to grow your knowledge and understanding to better yourself and the department you work within.
Liz, Design Manager

ICW has a great team of people that work together, which for me is what makes the business a great place to work.  There is a lot of communication between us all and I think that this is why the business is so strong and has even more potential to grow further. The staff at ICW are very friendly and have a positive attitude towards work, this is why I love to come into work each and every day. The main thing that I love about working for ICW is the support that is given to people that want to better themselves throughout the company and the opportunities that are made available.
Mel, Pick Pool Controller

It is the variety! People may think that the processes involved within a corporate clothing company would be “uniformed” in fact they are quite the opposite.  Each customer is unique and treated as such. It is this diversity that makes ICW a dynamic place to work. It breeds ingenuity and motivation within its employees.  I have had and continue to have the pleasure to work with some truly brilliant people.
Lisa, E-Commerce Manager

ICW is a great place to work because all of my co-workers live by the same principle of helping each other succeed to help the company succeed, everyone is kind and considerate and genuinely enjoys coming to work. There is little to no negativity and I haven’t once felt that I was inconveniencing or annoying my co-workers or departmental heads when I’ve had questions and solutions on cost reductions or increasing EBIT or needed help. There seems to be never ending opportunities to learn and grow in the establishment.
Jaspal, Finance

It’s a fact of life we spend more time at work that we do with our families so working with a really great bunch of people makes it easier.  We have a great team of people at ICW all of whom are dedicated, loyal and passionate about doing the best we can for our clients and exceeding their expectations. We work hard but have fun doing it and laugh a lot so it’s really not a chore it’s a pleasure to be part of such a great team.
Sharon, Head of Key Accounts