Top 5 Benefits of Having a Work Uniform

  1. Uniforms encourage team spirit

If all employees are wearing the same uniform they will feel part of a group, and a team spirit will develop as they become a ‘community’. Uniforms also promote equality as all wearers are dressed the same, this can increase morale in the wearers as they are all being treated equally.


  1. Uniforms promote your brand

Whether it’s the specific colour that is used, a logo or brand name on the uniform, customers remember these and can associate them with your company. Colour is a very important part of a uniform as that is usually what people see first before looking in detail at the clothing. For example, the uniforms we supply for two well-known airline companies are particularly memorable, the colour orange for EasyJet and the vibrant red used in our Virgin Atlantic uniform.

Branding plays a massive part in promoting a business as when it runs consistently through your business, including uniform, website, even on your paperwork this will make a company more recognisable and memorable to customers and potential customers.

By wearing uniforms employees become walking advertisements for a company and can encourage consumers to buy from you or use your services.


  1. Uniforms allow staff to be identified easier

This is a very important reason to have a uniform, though is often overlooked. Employees need to stand out or this can cause frustration if a customer needs assistance and can be the difference between a sale and the customer leaving.

In many clothing retail stores the employees wear the brands clothing, which can make them difficult to seek out and blend into the customers, which is counter-productive. It is also very important for health and safety reasons, especially on an aircraft.


  1. Uniforms can increase employee loyalty

If a wearer is happy and comfortable in their work place their loyalty remains strong to the company. This loyalty is increased if the wearers are happy in their uniform and that their uniform is fit for purpose and they can do their job.  As the wearer is comfortable in their role and the uniform they are more likely to stay with the company, becoming entwined.


  1. An attractive uniform can increase a wearers’ confidence

An important part of a work uniform is that it is seen as smart and professional but also attractive for both the wearer and the customers. An ill-fitting, unattractive uniform will not instil confidence in your employees. On the other hand a uniform of high quality and style can increase their self-esteem and encourage them.

Wearer feedback is very important when deciding on a work uniform as it will be them that has to wear it so they need to be happy with it. This is why we encourage focus groups and wearer trials to ensure the uniforms are going to be practical and well received.