Coventry Building Society find Focus Group ‘informative’ and ‘insightful’

New Uniform Focus Group

 “I feel privileged to be a part of this project”

Recently we organised a focus group for employees of Coventry Building Society, giving us the opportunity to gain valuable open and honest feedback on the first release of ideas for the new uniform design.

Employees were given a tour of ICW offices and warehouse to learn about our side of the process from start to finish. They enjoyed a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of our building and now have more of an understanding, having seen the scale of the operation and the work that goes into considering and rolling out a new uniform.

One of our designers, Kayleigh, showed the group a range of ideas they had created specifically for the Coventry and they were glad that she kept comfort and practicality alongside the overall look. The group praised Kayleigh, commenting that it was great to see her passion for the designs and they were confident in her ability to reach a style of uniform that is welcomed by the wearers.

Focus groups are mutually beneficial as it gives us at Incorporatewear valuable feedback from wearers. The Coventry benefit as they have an element of opinion and say on what might be on offer for their future uniform.

“I cannot wait for the rollout, we will all look incredible!”