Employee of the Month April 2021

J6 Warehouse Team – The disruption served over the course of the last year created challenges that were unforeseen and added to an already challenging environment; variable volumes/workloads, numerous same/next day requests, who’s in/out etc. are all part of the service provided at J6 but coupled with this the unknowns & challenges that the pandemic has served by the bucketful, is it a surprise that we have been able to maintain a functioning operation?

The J6 team are exactly that, a TEAM; they are experienced at what they do, they understand each other’s roles and the part they play in the bigger picture. J6 has created a hardworking, agile & responsive team and never more highlighted than in the past year. When we stripped out leadership, they have led….. when we had problems, they resolved…. When we had to get work done, they got it done….

The team are a credit to Ben, John and the rest of Incorporatewear…. They care about their work and their environment; while at times it is not easy (difficult to get satisfaction from all perspectives) the J6 team march on and just get things done… they are to J6 what Swiss engineering is to watches, what Shakespeare is to the English language….. well-oiled and well versed

It’s a pleasure to know the J6 team, it’s a pleasure to talk to them and its always a pleasure to see the consistency in achieving more than I expected. Great advertisement for the team ethos and self-empowerment paradigms and I’ll probably write a book on this one day.   (John Tombs)

Thank you J6.