Getting People 'Suited for Success'

Suited for Success

At Incorporatewear occasionally we have leftover surplus stock that is no longer of use to us, these are usually sent to a nearby recycling company. However when we found that we had a stock remaining from various discontinued ranges of uniform, we decided to donate this to a local charity that helps unemployed men and women get back into work.

Suited for Success are a charity based locally to our offices in Birmingham and they supply work wear for men and women for job interviews. They run solely on donations from individuals and businesses. Their aim is to raise client’s self-esteem and confidence and help them make a great first impression and get a job which could change their lives.

The clients visit the charity on a referral basis and get quality one-on-one time with a volunteer who will firstly have a chat with them to understand their needs, then pick out a full outfit for them including shoes and accessories. The volunteers will then talk them through interview skills to ensure the clients present themselves in the best way possible.

We had a range of garments for both genders in navy and black including jackets, trousers and skirts. These came in range of different styles, lengths and sizes which will help a variety of individuals on their journey back into the workplace. The stock included slimmer fitting jackets and trousers for the younger men to help fit in with their preferred fashion styles.

Suited for Success realise that unemployment is a major issue that needs tackling and they offer help for those who otherwise may not have been given a chance. First impressions are crucial and they help clients look and feel the part in order to succeed in their interviews.


“Your amazing generosity will go such a long way to help unemployed men and women into employment.” – Patricia, Suited for Success


If you wish to learn more about the amazing work that Suited for Success do, please visit their website with information about the charity and how you can donate.