ICW Marathon Runner

London Marathon 2018

The hugely popular event, held every Spring in the capital has raised over £450 million for charity since it’s establishment in 1981. It also holds the Guinness world record as the largest annual fundraising event in the world!

Lydia, one of our account manager is bravely tackling the gruelling 26.2 miles in April, fundraising for the PSP association, a charity close to her heart. With only 6 months to go, she is half way through her training and finding it difficult as the nights get darker, but she knows she has the motivation and willpower to get through it!

Lydia is running for the PSP association. PSP stands for progressive supranuclear palsy, which is a rare teminal degenerative brain disease, which unfortunately Lydia’s dearly loved mom has. The cause for the disease is unknown and there is currently no treatment or cure. So Lydia is running to raise awareness for the condition, the charity is run entirely on donations and they fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure.

She has set herself a target of raising £1600 by April and is determined to train hard and cross the finish line (even if she’s crawling!). Please see below the link to Lydia’s fundraising page to learn more.

Lydia’s Fundraising Page 

PSP Association Website