Incorporatewear welcomes Designer from Australian sister company Workwear Group

Nihal Selimi will be joining us for six months as part of an exchange programme run by ourselves and our sister company Workwear Group. Nihal has worked with the business for nearly two years and is thrilled to be given the opportunity to come over to the UK and work with us.

She learned about the possibility of the idea shortly after joining the Australian company and showed her interest early on. The idea was delayed temporarily during management restructure in both companies, however Nihal remained eager for the chance. Recently the idea became possible and she was keen to volunteer herself and was chosen to come over here.

We sat down with Nihal to discuss what she’s hoping to experience during her time with us. When discussing the differences she’s expecting to experience in the UK, she predicted that the markets would be different as the clients have different needs here than in Australia. An example of this being the typical English weather! Which Nihal explained may take a bit of getting used to on her part. In Australia the temperature can soar easily into the 30s therefore the need for short sleeve garments is higher than that in the UK.

When asked what Nihal was looking forward to most she said she was keen to learn what works in the UK. As our Australian sister company, they recognise that we are doing well in the UK, they are eager to learn strategies and ideas that are helping with our success. Nihal explains that whilst she is eager to get stuck in and learn how we work to take back with her, she also wants to share ideas from Australia with our design team to ‘bridge the gap’ between the two companies.

We asked her how this experience will benefit her in the future when she goes back to Australia in the Autumn. She hoped it would make her a more well-rounded designer with a broad knowledge to take back. It will also give her exposure to a range of markets and how different businesses and designers work. When back in Australia, Nihal can share what she has learnt here and share resources with her colleagues.

We look forward to working with Nihal over the next six months and are keen to see and hear about her creative ideas to contribute to our company.