Iona at Incorporatewear

For the past week we have had the lovely Iona join the Incorporatewear team for her school work experience. The Little Mix enthusiast has help us across many departments, showing a keen eye for web design with our IT team.

Iona hopes to become a Women’s Rights lawyer in the future and her time with Incorporatewear has given her a taste for the business world. Iona enjoyed spending time with over 13 people and 5 departments including diving into the world of the fabric library and helped with our helpline team.

‘the whole team have been wonderful, I would definitely like to come back!’

Iona went on to describe ICW in three words, ‘friendly, dedicated and helpful,’ she will take back new knowledge of tax tabs, design concepts and much more.

Good luck in the future Iona, we can’t wait to have her with us again soon!

Top facts:

Key influencers- Mom and Sister


Favourite team- Business development

Least favourite part- safety shoes for the warehouse