New IT Manager - Congratulations

At ICW we love to promote talent from within the company and we have a good track record of combining the best talent from outside the business but also bringing on and developing outstanding people from within. We were therefore delighted recently to promote Lisa Johnson to IT Manager. Lisa started at ICW back in January 2002 and excelled at different roles within the company. This in-depth knowledge of our business and an interest in business systems led Lisa into our IT department focussing on managing our ERP system and how that supports our customers. Latterly Lisa was responsible for introducing and rolling out to all of our customers our in-house E-Commerce system of Incorporateweb. The customer specific web portal gives our customers ultimate control of their wardrobes and hence spend whilst allowing individual staff members to go online and order their own uniform as they would in any retail site. Lisa’s new role will still incorporate this E-commerce side of the business but also the very important aspect of IT infrastructure and security. A loyal and dedicated member of the team we all wish her well in her new role. Congratulations Lisa.