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Account Administrator

We get an insight into the account administrator life from Jess Stone, learning about the challenges she faces and the highlights of her role.

When did you join Incorporatewear?

I started as a temporary employee in September 2016 assisting with calls and order inputting. Within 2 months I was given a 6 month temporary contract to continue as a helpline employee. In March 2017 I was given a permanent contract and was promoted to account administrator.

Which accounts do you work with?

Avis, Primark and RBS Group which includes NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank.

What does your job role include?

My main tasks are answering wearer queries via calls and emails, placing orders for customers and monitoring garment stock levels.

What challenges do you face in your day to day role?

With some accounts we deal with wearers that are based overseas so there can sometimes be language barriers but we always manage to help. Google translate is my best friend! In some cases we have people in the office that can speak the wearer’s language so that’s always helpful.

I also deal with a lot of tight deadlines, like new stores and site openings where the wearers need uniform ASAP. Also occasionally our customers arrange photo and video shoots, we are usually given a deadline of just a couple of days so we have to get the uniform out very quickly.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Although they can be a challenge, the new stores are always great to deal with as it can be exciting and rewarding to see it delivered on time. Getting thanked by the customers for helping them is always lovely as well, it’s nice to know that you’ve been able to help. We sometimes get sent pictures in of staff in their uniform so it shows what we do is worthwhile.

Favourite Uniform

I love the Virgin Atlantic uniform, it’s a lovely colour, it’s tailored and looks really smart. You can tell what company the wearers work for just by looking at it, it’s easily recognisable. I also love the NatWest dress, it’s a great shape and really flattering.

Your job in 3 words

Satisfying, varied, challenging.

Highlight of working at ICW

The highlight has to be getting promoted to an account administrator. I really enjoy the extra responsibility and the role is so varied.

Fun fact about yourself

In 2013, I was recognised for teaching horse-riding to disabled children. It was so rewarding and I learnt a lot of new skills.