RBS find focus group ‘engaging’ and ‘productive’

RBS Focus Group


 “A really engaging day with some exciting things to come”
Ryan Foat – Senior Person Banker


Last month, representatives from RBS Group including employees from head office, branch managers and local CEOs spent the day with us taking part in a focus group. On the day, they reviewed the current uniform we supply and looked ahead to options for the 2018 new uniform rollout.

Our design manager Liz showed the group numerous options of clothing that could be taken forward to next years’ uniform including both men’s and women’s uniform from shirts to scarves to suiting. The employees were able to give their opinion on the items and also advise what else they would like to see in their new range.

Focus groups give us the opportunity to gain valuable honest feedback from employees whilst it gives them the chance to see the uniform and have a say on what will be on offer for them and their colleagues in the future. As the employees wear the uniform every working day they know what is suitable and practical for the environment they work in, so they can give valuable insight to what they require. There was a lot of excitement about some items we showed them, which is a real bonus as we want employees to be as excited about their uniform as we are.


“There was a lot of energy in the room and we had an extremely productive day. Looking forward to everyone seeing the outcome in the coming months – feeling excited”
Nicola Jones – Frontline Support