What goes up, must come down...

With the hot weather due to return every year it is imperative that we design with our customers brands at the forefront of our minds and the comfort levels of their staff.

Product development is key, we work with our fabric technologist and design team to create the most comfortable uniforms whilst keeping true to the brand.

Just three of these innovative fabrics have been worked with this year to benefit our customers.

‘We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our fabrics, I often visit the mills and factories to make sure we are stay in touch with the latest fabric developments. Luckily it is down to our design teams to create the masterpiece’. Arun, Sourcing and supply development manager.

Across our customers we use various fabric innovations. Examples of this is cooling and warming fabrics to keep the body at 37.5 degrees. Odour fighting patches are placed into our shirts, blouses and dresses. We also use designs that allow for wicking fabrics to be used which is the process that for allows moisture management by using polyester on the exterior and cotton on the backing which touches the skin.

These products can be found across the hospitality, travel and retail industries.

37.5 is an active particle that is embedded into the yarn and keeps the body at a consistent 37.5degrees, which is the natural body temperature. We also implemented a nano finish to give a water and stain resistant performance to the garment. This technology can be used in a variety of materials including, fleece, footwear and knit fabrics. Perfect for any industry, we use it across our airline customers.

We offer non-allergenic, long lasting and environmentally friendly solution to body odour which lasts the lifetime of the garment. These patches are discretely integrated into the clothing allowing staff to feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Wicking fabrics are highly used across our retail industry. Wicking polyester is an innovative cross-section which picks up moisture and carries it away from the body, the polyester is on the exterior of the garment and the cotton on the interior that touches the body.