Feminine Uniforms


You often see women in masculine, shapeless uniform that looks like they may as well be wearing the uniform of their male colleagues. However, we as a company strive to create flattering, well-fitting uniform for both men and women. With a lot of other uniform companies that provide standard uniform such as polos and fleeces, the women’s uniforms are often just smaller versions of the men’s. These have different proportions, leaving many women to struggle to get a suitable size.

We ensure that there are different fits in most uniforms to suit all shapes and sizes including slim fitting trousers and shirts. This ties in with the modern fashion of slim or even ‘skinny’ fitting garments where needed.

The Perfect Fit

Typically, some women do not like wearing suits as they feel it can make them look ‘boxy’ and ‘manly’, however by offering different fits this helps reduce the aversion. Firstly, it’s important to understand your own shape in order to pick the right garment for you. We can offer sizing guides and style exchanges once uniform is received so wearers can choose the perfect fit and size to suit them.

Body shape is all about your proportions, and fashion is about dressing those proportions to look their very best. For example pear shaped women usually suit A-line skirts and wide leg trousers whilst hourglass figures tend to suit slim trousers and fitted garments. This is why we offer a wide range of garments, as we know that one garment does not fit all shapes and sizes.

Style plays a vital part in communication, so is especially important for those employees in a customer facing role. Badly-fitted clothing can be very distracting and can undermine the task you are completing or the things you are saying, which does not help the wearers confidence or morale.

It’s always good to try different styles that you wouldn’t normally pick – it could surprise you! Items can look different off the hanger and you could end up loving a new fit that you never thought would suit you.

Top Tips
  • To emphasise a small waist we advise tucking tops into A-line skirts which will help create or accentuate an hourglass figure.
  • If you are heavier on top use looser tops and jackets over slim fit trousers to show off your legs and draw the attention away from your top half
  • Tall frames that want to create curves should use peplum tops or skirts and pencil skirts
  • To flatter and elongate legs we advise trying wide leg trousers or a longer length skirt and pair with nude shoes (if permitted).

As you will see in the pictures below, there is a big contrast between the slim leg, classic leg and wide leg (picture L-R). Having different styles in the range ensure that there will be something to suit everyone and ensure female wearers feel confident and comfortable in their uniforms.