Looking ahead to S/S 18

A/W 17-18 into S/S 18

The Autumn and Winter seasons are well and truly on their way, we can almost smell the bonfires and mulled wine. Similarly Autumn/Winter fashion is making it’s annual comeback with jumpers and coats back on the shelves. So it’s around this time we start looking ahead to next year’s fashion, trying to predict the trends that will influence the colour and design of our clothes.

This is also similar for uniforms. Customers want to start looking at future designs and we provide them with ideas that will be in trend when their uniforms are rolled out. Our designers do extensive market and fashion research to discover what will be on trend, even if just a colour or feature on an item to make the uniform more fashionable. Something that the wearers would want to wear, not just a uniform.

The designs predicted for S/S 18 from leading trend forecasting company WGSN throwback to past fashions.

Springtime Whimsy

Think garden party, femininity and a return to stereotypical ‘ladylike’ dressing. The fit is feminine silhouettes, the designs pretty florals and layering is key.

  • Key Colours – Pastels, white, beige. These all fit perfectly into a uniform as they blend in well with navy or black tailoring to create a professional image.
  • Key Prints & Patterns – Florals of all shapes and sizes. This creates a feminine look for female wearers whilst the men can keep with plain colours and perhaps a printed tie to match with their female colleagues.
  • Key items – Ruffled blouses, slim pencil skirts. Professional clothing whilst still being fashionable and ‘on trend’ with high street clothing.


Transformed Traditions

Modern shapes are created with architectural precision, providing a sense of sophistication.

  • Key Colours – White, grey, neutrals. Grey tailoring is quite common in uniform as it can come in many shades and looks professional.
  • Key Prints & Patterns – Stripes, monochrome. Still in keeping with the sophisticated ideology of this trend.
  • Key items – Wide-leg trousers, tunics. We regularly offer different styles of trouser as we understand that one style does not suit all shapes, sizes and ages.



Evolved from the resort leisure theme with an explosion of colour. The trend combines streetwear, tailoring and active influences. Outfits are casually layered or combined with modern tailoring to create a relaxed and innovative edge.

  • Key Colours – Blue, orange, red, black. Perfect for portraying a brand colour, for example EasyJet with orange and Virgin Atlantic with their iconic red uniform.
  • Key Prints & Patterns – Bold graphics. Although in recent years prints have been unpopular in uniforms, they may be making a comeback. Read about prints on a uniform here.
  • Key Items – Slim trousers, 1990s silhouettes. As previously mentioned we offer different styles of trousers to our customers, to give wearers an option.



Maritime workwear meets coastal classics using nautical colours such as navy, red and white.

  • Key Colours – Navy, red, deep greens, white. This can work with a wide range of customers as they are general colours that fit in most sectors.
  • Key Prints & Patterns – Florals, stripes, polka dot. Simple prints that can easily be incorporated into a uniform if desired.
  • Key Items – T-shirt dressing, wide-leg trousers, asymmetrical dresses. This results in a more casual look, which is becoming more common in some companies and can make the customer feel more at ease with employees.
S/S18 Colour Overview
  • Red continues in popularity, this eye-catching shade makes a bold, summery statement.
  • Warm neutrals partner perfectly with white and pastel colours, working as a palette cleanser in transition from A/W 17-18.
  • Tones of lime and yellow provide a youthful and colourful contrast. These colours are playful are enhanced when combined with contrasting black or white.
  • Indigo colours work perfectly for tailoring and provide a dramatic impact when paired with white or red to link with the previously mentioned nautical theme.
  • Black works across all seasons and will always be a staple colour. It is most striking when worn head-to-toe, whether in classic menswear tailoring, sophisticated jerseys or occasion dressing.

Below images, M&S Bank uniform – evidence of transformed traditions with grey tailoring. Virgin Atlantic uniform – neo-nostalgia with bright colours. Carnival cruise uniforms – on trend, following the seafearer ideology with it’s nautical theme.