The Colour Red


Previously this year we have done a feature on the colours blue and purple, it is now time for the colour red to be highlighted. Red is used in many of our customer’s uniforms including Virgin Atlantic and HSBC. Red gives the impression of excitement and easily draws the eye which is great for brand recognition.

The colour red is a key colour for AW 17/18 but this popularity has been rising all year, as red suits all seasons. For example it is the colour of Autumn leaves, is a signature colour of Christmas (think Santa and reindeer noses) and if the shade is bright this is great for Spring and Summer.

Traditionally, red is associated with nobility and is the most popular colour for flags so red’s reputation is not only confined to clothing. It is a versatile colour and can work across all garments such as tailoring, blouses and shirts, and accessories and be the main colour or used in a pattern or print.

There are many tones and shades of red that can be used in clothing from a bright, scarlet red to maroon which allows different takes on the colour to create bold statements. Bright colours reflect a sense of positivity, which would be instilled into the customers if they see staff wearing this colour and on the company branding.

Red in Logos

In fact, at Incorporatewear we love red and our logo proves that! Red is a vital colour for business and you will see it in brand logos and uniforms everywhere. Think of Coca Cola, KFC, Youtube and Netflix. All successful global brands using red as their predominant colour to appear bold and exciting.


“Red is a very energetic and beneficial colour. It is the colour of life. I love red and I think it suits almost every complexion it is good for any time, too” – Christian Dior