Fashion Collaborations

There are numerous advantages to these collaborations but we have identified 3 main benefits;
  • Expanding brand exposure & publicity – There is a crossover of customer bases as the collaboration makes more people aware of the other brand. If a company collaborates with a celebrity – such as Topshop and Beyoncé teaming up to create the Ivy Park athleisure range, this raises the company profile and consumers are desperate to own something a celebrity has had a hand in designing.
  • Expanding product offerings – Quirky chain retailer Cath Kidston has partnered up with Disney to create more designs, meaning that alongside their normal range they have added the Disney crossover items as well. They advertise these items as ‘limited addition’ which adds to the consumers desire to purchase them, as it makes them believe they are getting something more exclusive.
  • Positive brand perception – Many brands may partner up to change how people see them, as collaborations bring together the statuses of both companies in an effort to benefit both reputations. For example; when Alexander Wang and H&M partnered up for a new collection, H&M was made to appear more premium and Alexander Wang was made to look more affordable and achievable for regular consumers.

To combine all three of these benefits is the main goal to increase sales and brand awareness. Recently as part of their Spring/Summer 17 collection high street fashion giant Oasis joined up with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to produce an exclusive collection based on the animals at London and Whipsnade Zoo. ZSL hope that the new collection ‘The Wildest Dreams’ will raise consumers’ awareness of their scientific and conservation work with endangered species worldwide.

The creative director at Oasis says “There’s been a big trend on the catwalk in animal prints so it seemed a neat fit to ask ZSL if they wanted to go one step further”. This collaboration means that ZSL gets much needed exposure to help with their charity work. Oasis gains positive perception as they are seen as aiding a charity and they are also able to create new products that are on trend and in-line with those on the catwalk.

Our collaboration

At Incorporatewear we have also had our own sense of a collaboration with fashion designer Jeff Banks, a former shareholder, who has helped to design several collections here with us. This makes the wearers feel as though they are wearing a premium item and that it is of excellent quality.