Is print on a uniform making a comeback?

Patterned vs Plain

In recent years we have seen a trend for uniform to be without a print and preferring a more concise colour palette . Nationwide for example in 2013 rolled out a blouse with a floral print but in their 2016 uniform this had disappeared in favour of plain red or white tops or a check material. This could be to simplify the uniform and ensure the wearers can have a mix-and-match uniform without having to worry about clashing. Another reason could be that some patterns can become outdated and having a plain, single coloured top does not age as quickly. However a print in corporate uniforms is still present, with a lot of companies deciding to add a print or pattern into the accessories, such as the ties and scarves. This is seen in the M&S uniform, they brighten up the outfit and makes the employees stand out to customers.

Our new customers Hays Travel on the other hand, are loathe to change their print as their customers now find it synonymous with them. Prints are eye-catching and very recognisable, which reaffirms the brand image. Another company who adopts print on their uniform is Hainan Airlines. Their new uniform was shown on the runway at Paris Couture week Fall/Winter 2017 and was designed by fashion designer Laurence Xu. It is a fusion of East and West, combining the look of the Cheongsam (a traditional Chinese dress) with a Western-Style suit.